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An earth pressure coefficient based on the geomechanical and geometric parameters of backfill in a mine stope

Lévesque Yan, Saeidi Ali et Rouleau Alain. (2017). An earth pressure coefficient based on the geomechanical and geometric parameters of backfill in a mine stope. International Journal of Geo-Engineering, 8, p. 27.

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The backfilling of underground stopes in mines has become common practice in the mining industry as it increases the stability of mine excavations and reduces environmental problems. The backfilling process involves several technical aspects that must be assessed to ensure that the backfilling objectives are achieved. The horizontal stress exerted by backfill on excavation walls must be estimated accurately to avoid the failure of mine pillars. The analytical Marston method is often used for evaluating this stress as it takes into consideration an earth pressure coefficient (K) that is dependent on the geotechnical properties of the backfill. This paper demonstrates that the accuracy of the Marston method for predicting horizontal earth pressure would be improved by using K values that are determined as a function of backfill geotechnical parameters and also excavation geometry. Both components vary inevitably from one backfilled site to another. A methodology is developed to adjust the K value to be a function of these parameters for its application within the Marston analytical method thereby providing a more accurate prediction of earth pressure. Based on various geometric and geomechanical parameters, two graphs are developed to evaluate proper earth pressure values. These graphs can be used for estimating more accurate K values that are based on the characteristics of the stope and the backfill material.

Type de document:Article publié dans une revue avec comité d'évaluation
Pages:p. 27
Version évaluée par les pairs:Oui
Date:17 Décembre 2017
Sujets:Sciences naturelles et génie > Génie
Sciences naturelles et génie > Sciences appliquées
Sciences naturelles et génie > Sciences naturelles > Sciences de la terre (géologie, géographie)
Département, module, service et unité de recherche:Départements et modules > Département des sciences appliquées > Unité d'enseignement en sciences de la Terre
Mots-clés:backfll, underground stopes, earth pressure, analytical method, geomechanical parameters, remblai, chantiers souterrains, pression du sol, méthode analytique, paramètres géomécaniques
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Dernière modification:03 mars 2021 18:44
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