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Level of detail based network adapted synchronization for cloud gaming

Ewelle Richard Ewelle, Francillette Yannick, Mahdi Ghulam, Gouaich Abdelkader et Hocine Nadia. (2013). Level of detail based network adapted synchronization for cloud gaming. Dans : International Conference on Computer Games (CGAMES) , 30 July-1 August 2013, Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

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Video games are considered as a major arena of popular entertainment. They can include immersive actions, high visuals and hair-trigger responsiveness requiring devices with high performance e.g. console and dedicated PCs. With the arrival of cloud gaming, games can be hosted in a centralize server and access through the internet by thin client with modest capabilities. Cloud computing in game context has attracted significant attention due to its major characteristics of scalability, availability and computational power. However, current cloud gaming systems have very strong requirements in terms of bandwith and network resources. Thus, when used devices have little bandwith and/or people are located in area with limited network connectivity, they can not take advantage of these services. This paper presents an adaptation technique inspired by the level of detail (LoD) approach in 3D graphics. It is based on a cloud gaming paradigm in other to minimize the effect of poor network parameters (delay, loss, jitter) in order to enhance the game interactivity and improve the player quality of experience (QoE). A pilot experiment has been carried out to evaluate the approach through a proof of concept game. The pilot experiment shows that LoD based adaptation in cloud gaming allows enhancing the QoE.

Type de document:Matériel de conférence (Non spécifié)
Identifiant unique:10.1109/CGames.2013.6632616
Sujets:Sciences naturelles et génie > Sciences mathématiques > Informatique
Département, module, service et unité de recherche:Départements et modules > Département d'informatique et de mathématique
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Mots-clés:games, servers, streaing media, cloud computing, rendering (computer graphics), encoding
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Dernière modification:08 déc. 2020 00:06
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