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The research of the error analysis algorithm with 3D scanning data

Dou Yanmei. (2006). The research of the error analysis algorithm with 3D scanning data. Mémoire de maîtrise, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

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With the increase in the automatization level of industrial production, the three-dimensional laser scanning system has been applied in industrial production more and more widely with its advantages of high identification rate, non-destructive capability, and so on. In order to increase the product quality, product testing becomes an important and indispensable link in the industrial production. The research aim of this thesis is, to develop an automatic on-line testing system, based on 3D laser scanner technology. Such a system can contribute to the realization of a complete automatic process from measuring the product to calculating its form error and further judging whether the product is satisfactory or not.

This thesis, starting from the data points obtained from a from 3D scanner, after filtering the noise points in the right and left CCD, makes use of NURBS surface to fit these point data, and reconstruct the surface of the measured object. Based on the principle of the Least Region to assess the form error of the surface, we obtain a mathematic model of the form error of the surface, and further making use an improved Genetic Algorithm, calculate the form error of the object. According to the given acceptable scale of the error, we can judge whether the product is satisfactory or not. Finally, the program design work of the whole system is realized through the use of VC++6.0, with a user interface to calculate form error being implemented.

This research can be applied in the industrial production in order to increase the product quality and the level of automatization. Other potential applications include artificial intelligence, medicine, etc.

Type de document:Thèse ou mémoire de l'UQAC (Mémoire de maîtrise)
Lieu de publication:Chicoutimi
Programme d'étude:Maîtrise en informatique
Nombre de pages:112
Identifiant unique:10.1522/030118648
Sujets:Sciences naturelles et génie > Sciences mathématiques > Informatique
Département, module, service et unité de recherche:Départements et modules > Département d'informatique et de mathématique > Programmes d'études de cycles supérieurs en informatique
Directeur(s), Co-directeur(s) et responsable(s):Zuoliang, Cao
Jun, Li
Mots-clés:Genetic algorithms, Algorithmes génétiques, Représentation des surfaces--Informatique, Surfaces, Representation of--Data processing, NURBS, LEAST, REGION, METHOD, FORME, ERREUR
Déposé le:01 janv. 2006 12:34
Dernière modification:20 sept. 2011 15:33
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