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Efficient and inexpensive method for activity recognition within a smart home based on load signatures of appliances

Belley Corinne, Gaboury Sébastien, Bouchard Bruno et Bouzouane Abdenour. (2013). Efficient and inexpensive method for activity recognition within a smart home based on load signatures of appliances. Pervasive and mobile computing,

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With the increasing demand in terms of non-intrusive appliance load monitoring (NIALM), more and more smart meters and smart analyzers were released on the market to extract well-defined load signatures and/or for performing autonomously the various monitoring operations as needed. Nevertheless, this hardware proves to be very expensive and not necessarily accessible to all. Moreover, most applications resulting of the use of these smart devices simply refer to energy saving and costs reducing of energy consumption. Thus, this paper proposes a new algorithmic method for an application field that is still very lightly exploited, i.e. the activity recognition of reduced-autonomy residents living in a smart habitat through load signatures. This one is based on steady-state operations and signatures and its extraction process of load signatures of appliances is carried out in a three-dimensional space through a single power analyzer which is non-intrusive (NIALM). This approach has been tested and verified rigorously through daily scenarios reproduced in the smart home prototype in a laboratory.. Hence, we can affirm that, with an exceptionally minimal investment and the exploitation of especially limited data, our method can recognize the use of appliances with high precision and low-cost allowing us to compete with other approaches which are much more expensive and require supplementary equipment.

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Mots-clés:Activity recognition, smart home, load signature, nonintrusive appliance load monitoring, NIALM, appliance identification
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