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Multi-scale influence of snowmelt on xylogenesis of black spruce

Rossi Sergio, Morin Hubert et Deslauriers Annie. (2011). Multi-scale influence of snowmelt on xylogenesis of black spruce. Artic, Antartic and Alpine Research, 43, (3), p. 457-464.

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Snowmelt is considered to affect growth of the boreal forest. So, we tested the hypothesis that late snowmelts delay the onset of xylogenesis and reduce xylem production in trees. Timings of xylem formation were compared to the dates of complete snowmelt combining a 7-year monitoring of cambial activity with meteorological records in four plots of Picea mariana in Quebec, Canada. The spatial and temporal variability in snowfall was analyzed separately, so taking into account both the long- and short-term effects. Snowfall occurred from October to May, with a snow cover lasting 173-199 days. Overall, xylogenesis lasted 99-117 days, with onsets ranging from late May to mid-June. The highest cell productions were observed in the warmest site, where the longest periods of growth were observed. Although at long-term the effects of snowmelt were significant for both onset and duration of xylogenesis and cell production, at short-term only the relationship between the onset of xylogenesis and the date of complete snowmelt was significant. The initial hypothesis could be confirmed only partially. The different responses to the long- and short-term analyses demonstrate the multi-scale influence of snowfall on tree growth and the determinant role of nutrient cycling in the productivity of boreal ecosystems.

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Mots-clés:boreal forest, growth rate, snowmelt, xylogenesis, black spruce, Picea mariana, cambial activity
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