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A Core Outcome Set for multimorbidity research (COSmm)

Smith Susan M., Wallace Emma, Salisbury Chris, Sasseville Maxime, Bayliss Elizabeth et Fortin Martin. (2018). A Core Outcome Set for multimorbidity research (COSmm). Annals of Family Medicine, 16, (2), p. 132-138.

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PURPOSE: We aimed to develop a consensus-based set of core outcomes specifically for studies in multimorbidity.

METHODS: We undertook a consensus study following the COS-STAR (Core Outcome Set-STAndards for Reporting) guidelines for the design and reporting of core outcome sets. A Delphi panel of experts completed a web-based survey with 2 rounds. Panelists were presented with a range of outcomes that had been identified in previous workshops and a related systematic review. They indicated their level of agreement on whether each outcome should be included in the core set using a 5-point Likert scale, and outcomes reaching a prespecified consensus level were included.

RESULTS: Of 30 individuals invited to be panelists, 26 from 13 countries agreed. All 26 completed both rounds of the survey. The Delphi panel reached consensus on 17 outcomes for inclusion in a core outcome set for multimorbidity (COSmm). The highest-ranked outcomes were health-related quality of life, mental health outcomes, and mortality. Other outcomes were grouped into overarching themes of patient-reported impacts and behaviors (treatment burden, self-rated health, self-management behavior, self-efficacy, adherence); physical activity and function (activities of daily living, physical function, physical activity); consultation related (communication, shared decision making, prioritization); and health systems (health care use, costs, quality of health care).

CONCLUSIONS: This consensus study involved a wide range of international experts who identified a large number of outcomes for multimorbidity intervention studies. Our results suggest that quality of life, mental health outcomes, and mortality should be regarded as essential core outcomes. Researchers should, however, also consider the full range of outcomes when designing studies to capture important domains in multimorbidity depending on individual study aims and interventions.

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Mots-clés:multimorbidity, chronic disease, complexity, methodology, primary care, research, core outcome set
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