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Context-aware healthcare adaptation model for COPD diseases

Mcheick Hamid, Sayegh John et Ajami Hicham. (2020). Context-aware healthcare adaptation model for COPD diseases. Dans : ICOST 2020: The Impact of Digital Technologies on Public Health in Developed and Developing Countries , June 24–26, 2020, Hammamet, Tunisia.

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Nowadays, ubiquitous computing and mobile applications are controlling all our life’s aspects, from social media and entertainment to the very basic needs like commerce, learning, government, and health. These systems have the ability to self-adapt to meet changes in their execution environment and the user’s context. In the healthcare domain, information systems have proven their efficiency, not only by organizing and managing patients’ data and information but also by helping doctors and medical experts in diagnosing disease and taking precluding procedure to avoid serious conditions. In chronic diseases, telemonitoring systems provide a way to monitor the patient’s state and biomarkers within their usual life’s routine. In this article, we are combining the healthcare telemonitoring systems with the context awareness and self-adaptation paradigm to provide a self-adaptive framework architecture for COPD patients.

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Date:23 Juin 2020
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Mots-clés:Software architecture, self-adaptation, context-aware system, COPD, healthcare systems, architecture logicielle, auto-adaptation, système sensible au contexte, systèmes de santé
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