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Towards the development of a serious game that targets psychological stressors of the workplace

Yahyaoui Houssemedine et Ménélas Bob-Antoine-Jerry. (2017). Towards the development of a serious game that targets psychological stressors of the workplace. Dans : IEEE International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH) , 2-4 April 2017, Perth, WA, Australia.

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In addition to managerial parameters, various factors, which are related to the evolution of modern societies, generate many changes in the world of work. Although they represent great opportunities in themselves, when mishandled, these changes may represent significant stressors in the workplace. As a result, a large proportion of workers in industrialized countries have to cope with psychological distress episodes. Considering that some observations suggest that the first step in targeting stress should be in identifying the stressors that negatively affect the person. Moreover, since serious games have been proved effective for the transfer of knowledge, our work aims at designing a serious game that may help people at identifying stressors of the workplace. As a first step, we report the main elements required for such a game. For this, we use two frameworks that allow us to target the two main aspects of this serious game. This systematic approach offers two main advantages. First, it insures that the designed software solution has the principal elements of a game. Secondly, it supports the implementation of the pedagogical objectives throughout the game mechanics.

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Identifiant unique:10.1109/SeGAH.2017.7939278
Sujets:Sciences sociales et humaines > Sciences sociales > Psychologie
Sciences naturelles et génie > Sciences mathématiques > Informatique
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Mots-clés:informatique, employment, games, psychology, stress management, computer games, medical computing, occupational health, educational game
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