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The role of home environment in mobility and transfers with aging

Trickey Francine, Gosselin Céline et Maltais Danielle. (1993). The role of home environment in mobility and transfers with aging. Dans : 23th Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association (AGE) , 8 au 12 octobre 1993, Montréal, Québec.

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Among the older population, because of increasing vulnerability, the home environment exerts strong influence on the individual's level of functioning, both in facilitating and hindering daily living activities. Mobility problems affect 81% of seniors reporting a disability. According to a large Canadian survey, close to 30% of community living seniors with disabilities, do not have the required equipment in their home to move about independently. Results of a study at the Public Health Unit of the Montreal General Hospital added more understanding about the obstacles to mobility and transfers in frail seniors' homes. The information is based on data collected among a group of 208 seniors who received an expert assessment of their homes by an Occupational Therapist (O.T.). Using a home assessment guide, the O.T. examined what characteristics in the individual's homes contributed to exacerbate difficulties in daily living activities. Of those activities under study, 14 related to mobility and transfers. Those activities were closely examined in order to better understand the elements in the structure of the home or in the choice of furniture and equipment that may become obstacles to senior's mobility and transfers. This presentation will examine the various barriers to mobility and transfers in frail seniors homes as well as the modifications that can be implemented to help seniors overcome those barriers.

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