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Changes induced by the containment measures of the first COVID-19 wave: a scoping review on work-family balance regarding working parents

Lachance Lise, Cournoyer Louis, Lacoursière Chloé et Richer Louis. (2022). Changes induced by the containment measures of the first COVID-19 wave: a scoping review on work-family balance regarding working parents. Swiss Psychology Open, 2, (1), p. 9.

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In March 2020, COVID-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic. To limit its spread, governments and institutions have implemented drastic measures with major repercussions on the labor market, workers, and their families. Business, school, and daycare closures, as well as telework and home-schooling, have challenged working parents. In this unique context, researchers have examined COVID-19’s effects on work and family. Using the PRISMA-ScR guidelines, this scoping review explores, classifies, synthesizes, and analyzes the research findings from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on work-family balance issues. More specifically, it examines how contextual forces hindered or facilitated working parents’ time management and work-family balance, along with coping strategies they implemented. Searches were conducted in 18 databases to identify relevant French or English peer-reviewed empirical articles published before April 2021. Articles should include information on parent workers at the first wave of the pandemic. Of the 570 papers identified, 56 were retained and synthesized. The articles cover worldwide populations, with one-quarter from the USA. Based on the Decision-action model, a thematic analysis allows identifying how the experience of the early months of the pandemic affects the life course of working parents and the work-family balance project considering the contextual forces to which they were exposed, and the strategies deployed to meet their needs. Findings reveal the fragility of the work-family balance among working parents and the disorganization caused by a major social crisis. They also highlight the importance of individual, organizational and governmental strategies to better support workers, families, businesses and communities.

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Mots-clés:scoping review, COVID-19, containment, work-family balance, working parents, étude de la portée, confinement, conciliation travail-famille, parents actifs.
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