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Sexual abuse of intellectually disabled youth : a review

Dion Jacinthe, Paquette Geneviève, Tremblay Karine N., Cyr Mireille et Dionne Carmen. (2013). Sexual abuse of intellectually disabled youth : a review. The Prevention Researcher, 20, (3), p. 14-16.

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Intellectual disability (ID) is a condition characterized by significant limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, which affects various everyday social and practical skills. This disability manifests itself before the age of 18 (American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities [AAIDD], 2010). While the global prevalence of ID is only 1% (Maulik, Mascarenhas, Mathers, Dua & Saxena, 2011), research shows that the risk of being sexually abused is 2 to 6 times greater among intellectually disabled youth than among typically developing youth (Dion, Bouchard, Gaudreault & Mercier, 2012). It is also argued that the prevalence of sexual abuse may be underestimated among intellectually disabled youth, as disclosure may be more difficult for them because of their limited vocabulary and communicative abilities (Murphy, 2007). Despite this higher risk, professionals who work with this population have little information on the issue. Myths and prejudices which devalue intellectually disabled people in our society, such as the notions that they are asexual or that they do not suffer, may increase their vulnerability to sexual abuse (Mansell & Sobsey, 2001). Expanding our knowledge in the field of ID and sexual abuse may help dispel these myths and break down these prejudices. This article presents a literature review that aims to 1) provide an overview of sexual abuse of intellectually disabled youth, and 2) discuss the implications for prevention and intervention for these vulnerable youth.

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Date:Septembre 2013
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Mots-clés:intellectual disability, sexual abuse, youth, children, adolescents, déficience intellectuelle, abus sexuel, agressions sexuelle, jeunesse, jeunes, enfants
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