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Stroke prediction context-aware health care system

Mcheick Hamid, Nasser Hoda, Dbouk Mohamed et Nasser Ahmad. (2016). Stroke prediction context-aware health care system. Dans : Proceeding of The IEEE International Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies (CHASE’2016) , 27-29 June, 2016, Washington (DC), USA.

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This paper proposes a prediction framework based on ontology and Bayesian Belief Networks BBN to support a medical teams in every daily. We propose a Stroke Prediction System (SPS), a new software component to handle the uncertainty of having a stroke disease by determining the risk score level. This is composed of four layers: acquisition of data, aggregation, reasoning and application. SPS senses, collects, and analyzes data of a patient, then uses wearable sensors and the mobile application to interact with the patient and staffs. When the risk reaches critical limits, SPS notifies all concerned parties, the patient, the doctor, and the emergency department. The patient profile is also updated to reflect this urgent intervention requirement. A Bayesian model is designed and implemented using the Netica tool to prove its efficiency i) by handling patient context remotely and verifying its changes locally and ii) on predicting missing probabilities and calculate the probability of high risk level for emergency cases. The SPS system improves the accuracy of decision making and uses a new ontology of stroke disease inspired from our Parkinson ontology already developed.

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Mots-clés:healthcare, context awareness, ubiquitous computing, context-aware, ontology, probabilistic model, sensors
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