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Leteratura do cordel no espaço escolar en Petrolina-PE : uma relaçao marcada por conflitos

Do Nascimento Genivaldo. (2003). Leteratura do cordel no espaço escolar en Petrolina-PE : uma relaçao marcada por conflitos. Mémoire de maîtrise, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

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This research talks about Cordel Literature in the educational space in Petrolina City, Pernambuco Backwoods. This work considered as a starting point the studies carried out so far about this northeastern culture-artistic demonstration, investigates the main cause of Cordel exclusion in the schools.

In the first chapter, the description of the main studies already developed about Cordel literature is made. Thus, we establish a discussion about the possible death of this kind of text, as well as the current conditions of reading and production of this north-eastern culture demonstration.

Thus, Cordel is seen in this work as a text which is made, as a result of long social process. It is asked why this text which convey know ledges isn't accepted by the school. In the second chapter, we focus on the main themes about the text concept, culture, culture identity, classical and popular.

In the following chapters, the methodology is presented, supported in the action-research and the analysis of datas is made, as a result the north the qualitative interpretation. In the final considerations, this work indicates that Cordel is excluded from educational space for several motives. Among them, the biggest one is the lack of knowledge of the teachers about this kind of text. Thus, the teachers, the main conductors of the education process are disable to use this literature in the activities in the classroom.

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