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Assessing insulating oil degradation by means of turbidity and UV/VIS spectrophotometry measurements

Hadjadj Yazid, Fofana Issouf, Sabau John et Briosso E.. (2015). Assessing insulating oil degradation by means of turbidity and UV/VIS spectrophotometry measurements. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 22, (5), p. 2653-2660.

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Oil is a vital part of the transformer body and (similarly to blood in a human being body) keeps responsibility for the condition of the entire organism. Oil is particularly responsible for functional serviceability of the entire insulation system. The insulating oil must be kept in pristine condition, since its condition can be a decisive factor, which determines the life span of the transformer. Fields and laboratory experiences have shown that transformer oil contains a vast amount of information. Oil analyses can be extremely useful in monitoring the condition of power transformers. To meet pressing needs of power industries, fast, inexpensive and reliable laboratory testing procedures are necessary. To ensure long-term reliability of oil filled power transformers, it is important to identify early sign of degradation of the insulating oil. In this paper, oil degradation was monitored with various ASTM test methods. Investigations were performed on service-aged oil samples as well as on oil samples aged in laboratory conditions. Many key parameters actually used to monitor the condition of transformer oil relative to oxidation/degradation were investigated. From the obtained results, correlations were found between some of them. The results indicate that Dissolved Decay Products (DDP) and turbidity, which change with a higher rate than interfacial tension (IFT) and Acid Number (AN) values, can be possibly used as an effective index for insulating oil degradation assessment. Limits are suggested which provide a “picture” of the fluid condition.

Type de document:Article publié dans une revue avec comité d'évaluation
Pages:p. 2653-2660
Version évaluée par les pairs:Oui
Date:Octobre 2015
Sujets:Sciences naturelles et génie > Génie
Sciences naturelles et génie > Génie > Génie électrique et génie électronique
Sciences naturelles et génie > Sciences appliquées
Département, module, service et unité de recherche:Départements et modules > Département des sciences appliquées > Module d'ingénierie
Mots-clés:power transformer insulation, oil insulation, oils, aging, color, isolation de transformateur de puissance, isolation d'huile, huiles, vieillissement, couleur, power transformer, insulation condition assessment, aging, oil, UVspectrophotometry, turbidity, acidity, interfacial tension, dielectric dissipation factor, color
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