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The structure and morphology of the Basse Terre Island, Lesser Antilles volcanic arc

Mathieu Lucie, van Wyk de Vries Benjamin, Mannessiez Claire, Mazzoni Nelly, Savry Cécile et Troll Valentin R.. (2013). The structure and morphology of the Basse Terre Island, Lesser Antilles volcanic arc. Bulletin of Volcanology, 75, (3), p. 700.

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Basse Terre Island is made up of a cluster of composite volcanoes that are part of the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc. The morphology of these volcanoes and the onshore continuation of the grabens and strike–slip faults that surround the island are poorly documented due to erosion and rainforest cover. Therefore, we conducted a morphological analysis of the island using Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data integrated with field observations to document erosional, constructional, and deformational processes. A DEM-based analysis of 1,249 lineaments and field structural measurements of 16 normal faults, 3,741 veins and fractures, and 46 dykes was also carried to document the structures that predominate in sub-surface rocks. The results indicate that the over 1-My-old and elongated Northern Chain volcano, which makes up the northern half of the island, was built by high eruption rates and/or a low viscosity magma injected along the N–S to NNW–SSE-striking extensional structures formed by the flexure of the lithosphere by the overall subduction regime. After 1 Ma, the southern half of the island was shaped by an alignment of conical volcanoes, likely built by a more viscous magma type that was guided by the NW–SE-striking Montserrat-Bouillante strike–slip fault system. These N to NNW and NW structural directions are however poorly expressed onshore, possibly due to slow slip motion. The sub-surface rocks mostly contain E–W-striking structures, which have likely guided the many flank instabilities documented in the studied area, and guide hydrothermal fluids and shallow magmatic intrusions. These structures are possibly part of the E–W-striking Marie-Gallante offshore graben.

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Mots-clés:volcano-tectonic, structure, morphology, Digital elevation model (DEM,) Basse Terre Island, Lesser Antilles, volcano-tectonique, morphologie, Modèle altimétrique numérique (DEM), Île de Basse Terre, Petites Antilles
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