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Seismic imaging across fault systems in the Abitibi greenstone belt - An analysis of pre- and post-stack migration approaches in the Chibougamau area, Quebec, Canada

Cheraghi Saeid, Malehmir Alireza, Naghizadeh Mostafa, Snyder David, Mathieu Lucie et Bedeaux Pierre. (2020). Seismic imaging across fault systems in the Abitibi greenstone belt - An analysis of pre- and post-stack migration approaches in the Chibougamau area, Quebec, Canada. Solid Earth Discussions, p. 1-36.

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Two high-resolution seismic reflection profiles acquired north and south of Chibougamau, located in the northeast of the Abitibi subprovince of Canada help understand historic volcanic-hosted massive sulfide (VMS) deposits and hydrothermal Cu-Au mineralization found there. Major faults crossed by the profiles include the Barlow fault in the north and the Doda fault and the Guercheville fault in the south, all targets of this study that seeks to determine spatial relationships with known metal endowment in the area. Common-offset DMO corrections and common-offset pre-stack time migrations (PSTM) were considered. Irregularities of the trace midpoint distribution resulting from the crooked geometry of both profiles and their relative contribution to DMO and PSTM method and seismic illumination were assessed in the context of the complex subsurface architecture of the area. To scrutinize this contribution, seismic images were generated for offset ranges of 0–9 km using increments of 3 km. Migration of out-of-plane reflections used cross-dip element analysis to accurately estimate the fault dip. The seismic imaging shows the thickening of the upper crustal rocks near the fault zones along both profiles. In the north seismic reflection section, key geological structure identified include the Barlow fault and two diffraction sets imaged within the fault zone that represent potential targets for future exploration. The south seismic reflection section shows rather a complicated geometry of two fault systems. The Guercheville fault observed as a subhorizontal reflector connects to a steeply dipping reflector. The Doda fault dips subvertical in the shallow crust but as a steeply dipping reflection set at depth. Nearby gold showings suggest that these faults may help channel and concentrate mineralizing fluids.

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Mots-clés:Chibougamau, sous-province de l'Abitibi, gisements historiques, sulfures massifs, minéralisation hydrothermale Cu-Au, failles
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