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The current need to develop a social policy on leisure(s)/recreation from a personalist point of view - a brief look at the canadian reality

Deschênes Gervais et Gravelle François. (2020). The current need to develop a social policy on leisure(s)/recreation from a personalist point of view - a brief look at the canadian reality. International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure, 3, (4), p. 345-367.

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This conceptual article looks at some benchmarks about the need to develop a social policy on leisure(s)/recreation in Canada. In fact, there is a fundamental movement to ensure that this global earthly reality with many dimensions, including sporting practices, are subject to a more rigorous legislation by meeting the urgency of the situation caused firstly by the misunderstanding of the monochrone and polychrone time as well as the episodic socio-economical problems. Relationships between three humanity models, namely —the homo faber –person at work, the homo religious –person-related-to-the-religious/spiritual, and the homo ludens –person at play— are inextricably linked and implied the spiritual model of leisure(s) entitled the homo faber-religious-ludens where persons can identify themselves through the specificity of this continuum within the post-secular era. Some pragmatic stance is finally taken to create a better synergy of leisure(s)/recreation and sporting practices regenerating the social fabric about the Canadian mosaic perspective in the communities of the social world especially from the personalist point of view which will also have a beneficial health outcome during this sanitary crisis cause by the Covid-19 pandemic context on Earth.

Type de document:Article publié dans une revue avec comité d'évaluation
Pages:p. 345-367
Version évaluée par les pairs:Oui
Date:25 Juillet 2020
Sujets:Sciences sociales et humaines
Sciences sociales et humaines > Sciences sociales > Récréologie et sciences du loisir
Département, module, service et unité de recherche:Départements et modules > Département des sciences de l'éducation > Module d'éducation au préscolaire et d'enseignement au primaire
Mots-clés:Leisure(s)/recreation social policy, spiritual well-being/spiritualities, personalism, English and French connections/Canada
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Dernière modification:31 mai 2021 20:27
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