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Instantaneous electromagnetic torque components in synchronous motors fed by load-commutated inverters

Ekemb Gabriel, Slaoui-Hasnaoui Fouad, Song-Manguelle Joseph, Lingom P.M. et Fofana Issouf. (2021). Instantaneous electromagnetic torque components in synchronous motors fed by load-commutated inverters. Energies, 14, (11), p. 3223.

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This paper proposes time-domain analytical expressions of the instantaneous pulsating torque components in a synchronous machine air gap when supplied by a load-commutated-inverter (LCI) system. The LCI technology is one of the most used variable frequency drives when very high power and low speed are required in applications such as pipeline recompression and decompression, as well as liquefied natural gas compression. In such applications, synchronous motors are used because of their high efficiency resulting from a separated supply of the current to their rotor through the excitation circuit. These applications usually have long and flexible shafts, which are very sensitive to torsional vibration excitation when their natural frequencies interact with any external torque applied to the shaft. A torsional analysis is required by international standards to assess the survivability of the shaft through the overall speed range of the motor. Therefore, the magnitude and frequencies of the motor air-gap torque are needed for such evaluation. The proposed developments are supported by numerical simulations of LCI systems in a large range of operation range. From the simulation results, torque harmonic families are derived and expressed in a parametric form, which confirm the accuracy of the proposed relationships

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Date:31 Mai 2021
Sujets:Sciences naturelles et génie > Génie
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Mots-clés:load-commutated inverter, synchronous motor, torsional vibrations, inverseur à commutation de charge, moteur synchrone, vibrations de torsion
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