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Overview of factors influencing consumer engagement with plastic recycling

Ertz Myriam, Addar Walid, Ouerghemmi Chourouk et Takaffoli Mahdi. (2023). Overview of factors influencing consumer engagement with plastic recycling. WIREs Energy and Environment, e493.

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Many semi-durable and durable consumer goods are composed of plastic. Yet, plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues as it harms oceans and marine biodiversity. This state of affairs is worsened because plastic recycling rates remain low. Therefore, one commonly proposed solution is to improve plastic waste management to create a circular plastics economy. However, focusing on recycling management alone overshadows the consumption component and how consumers might contribute to recycling efforts. Although not alone in the overall recycling process, consumers are critical stakeholders in this because through their disposal behavior, they determine the responsible discarding of plastic through recycling. The significance of consumer engagement in driving circularity has been strongly emphasized in extant research and practice. Shifting from a linear plastic economy toward a circular one requires the active contribution of all stakeholders, especially the consumer. Hence, given the centrality of consumers' role, this paper provides an overview of the themes related to consumer engagement with plastic recycling. More specifically, the paper reveals three layers of influence on consumer plastic recycling behavior: (1) macroenvironmental factors, (2) situational factors, and (3) individual factors. This review provides scholars, practitioners, and decision-makers with better insights into the themes to consider in order to spur consumer engagement in plastic recycling.

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Mots-clés:behavioral science, emerging technologies, circular economy
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