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Different mathematical modelling approaches to predict the horizontal anode baking furnace performance

Kocaefe Yasar S., Baiteche Mounir, Oumarou Noura, Kocaefe Duygu et Morais Brigitte. Different mathematical modelling approaches to predict the horizontal anode baking furnace performance. Dans : 11th Australasian Aluminium Smelting Technology , 6 - 11 December 2014, United Arab Emirates.

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The quality of carbon anodes has a considerable impact on the cell stability, energy consumption, environmental emissions, and the cost. The anode quality is influenced by many factors ranging from raw material properties to various process parameters. The anodes are baked in large furnaces and the final properties are fixed during this stage of production. For the past number of years, mathematical modelling has become a powerful tool to study and analyze industrial processes. The field of anode baking was no exception. Various models have been developed and reported for the baking furnace analysis. Experimental studies of such complex systems are quite costly. The mathematical models provide an insight into the core of the operation. A process model and a 3D model (both dynamic) have been developed for horizontal anode baking furnaces, and they were validated using experimental data. All the important phenomena have been taken into consideration in the models. The two models are being used to predict the performance of horizontal anode baking furnaces. In this article, the models will be described, the use of each model will be discussed, and the results of a number of practical applications for both models will be presented.

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Mots-clés:horizontal anode baking furnace, mathematical modelling, carbon anodes, anode baking, process model, 3D model
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